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Old 05-30-2008 , 19:47   Admin Sentinel - Monitor all server voice comms- Updated 4-APR-2009
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Often if a single admin is on the server, it can be difficult to monitor player voice comms for racial/language issues on the opposing team, without turning on all talk. AdminSentinel allows admins to listen to the opposing team's voice comms.

Admin chat also pulls in some code from PRed*'s sm_super_commands plugin. This one, however, allows admins the opportunity to turn it on or off, individually.

The plugin has its own menu called "Comms Commands".

Includes War Mode: this allows an Admin with ADM_FLAG_CUSTOM5 permissions to turn off the chat/comms features for any admins without this flag. For example, if you are running a tournament, and the referee/umpire has ADMFLAG_CUSTOM5, any playing Admin that does not have ADMFLAG_CUSTOM5 will have their comms/see all chat abilities turned off. This will ensure that Admins are playing fairly during a competition, if they are not refereeing.

Servers running this plugin

  • sm_enemyvoice
Turns on/off opposing team voice comms. Requires ADMIN_BAN level. Also accessible via Admin menu.
  • sm_enemychat
Turns on/off opposing team typed chat and chat from dead players. Requires ADMIN_CHAT level. Also accessible via Admin menu.
  • sm_talktoserver
Allows an admin to talk to all players on the server even if All talk is off. Requires ADMIN_CHAT level. Also accessible via Admin menu.

  • sm_comms_war
Toggles on/off War Mode. Requires ADMFLAG_CUSTOM5

  • at (in Chat)
Displays whether All Talk is on or off

  • admin_voice <0 | 1>
Turns on and off Admin Only voice channel

  • Copy adminsentinel.smx to addons/sourcemod/plugins
  • REQUIRES SOURCEMOD 1.3.0 or greater

  • sv_admin_sentinel_startup <0 | 1> - default: 1
If enabled, admins automatically have opposing team voice comms turned on when they enter the server.
  • sv_admin_sentinel_warmode <0 | 1> - default: 0
Toggles on/off War Mode

Version 1.2.100
Updated for SM1.3x

Version 1.2.000
Added Admin Only voice channel

Version 1.0.115
Added Alltalk trigger (courtesy of MMX)
Changed the way War Mode operated
Added ROOT flag to commands

Version 1.0.114
Added WarMode
Fixed a bug where the menu would not appear

Version 1.0.108
Fixed bug for mods that didn't support SayText2 (all except css and tf2)

Version 1.0.107
Fixed couple of client/console bugs

Version 1.0.106
Added enemy chat
Added All Talk toggle
Created new menu called Comms

Version 1.0.102
Checks state of All Talk and re-enables plugin if All Talk is set back to zero

Version 1.0.101:
Added sm_help help info
Added command to Admin menu
Added Admin Talk to Server feature

Has been tested with TF2, DoDS, PVKii, DoDS, Insurgency and CSS and most Source mods that support SM.

Credit to PRed*

Huge massive thank you to 166MMX for his work figuring out SetClientListening and why it didn't work

Since the built-in forum compiler will not create a correctly compiled version, I have included an update to which can be placed in the scripts/inc folder to help you compile the .sp

Suggested bind for Admin Only voice channel (add to autoexec.cfg in C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\ACCOUNTNAME\game folder\game\cfg)
alias "+admintalk" "admin_voice 1; +voicerecord"
alias "-admintalk" "-voicerecord; admin_voice 0;"
bind "x" "+admintalk"
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