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Originally Posted by Custo View Post
Just started using this version, and the extended map option doesn't seem to show up after changing the sm_mapvote_extend command to 2.

After a little playing with, changing sm_mapvote_include from 5 to 4, it shows the extend option.

Should it be doing that?
I probably forgot to adjust the map count (which is what I do on MapChooser Extended) when there are extends left.

Originally Posted by Custo View Post
EDIT: Also found out the runoff votes are buggy. Each time a runoff vote starts, no one can pick anything unless they do !revote first.
That's... strange. Do you see a vote pass or fail message between the two votes? The fail message has to happen or users can't cast a new vote.

Edit: I checked the code and it doesn't. That's an oversight on my part. Will fix soon.
Am I back? Well, we'll see.

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