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Originally Posted by cisneros View Post
1.02 version is not working on my server.
Please fix
Are there any error logs that might help us determine what's going on? maybe something has changed and the plugin just needs tweaking?

You are using Zombie:Reloaded, right?

Basically, it looks at the deaths and if the map is killing the zombies (like a spawn cleaner), then this plugin will disable respawn for that round.

It looks to see what "weapon" was used to kill the player, and if that weapon is "trigger_hurt" then it will disable respawn. So, I guess it depends on what map you're using and what method it uses to kill players at spawn.

Outputs for the following please:

zr_respawn_delay <-- if this shows unknown command, then that would be your issue, this plugin is for Zombie:Reloaded

sm plugins list
sm version
meta list
meta version

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