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Bhop v1.2b

First, I'd like to thanks blodia, He found the best way to make bunnyhopping easier and let me use it


This plugin is a rewrite of my ES addon Bhop which provides to your server useful features for all players who are playing.

  • You can activate or not the noblock on your server
  • You can activate or not the Easy Bunny on your server
  • You can activate or not the Auto Bunny on your server
  • You can activate or not messages of connection/deconnection of players (with their names and steamid)
  • All players cannot die
  • "!scout" allows you to take a scout (scouts are limited)
  • "!s" allows you to save a checkpoint
  • "!t" allows you to teleport yourself in your saved checkpoint
  • "!lowgrav" allows you to have a lower gravity (better for players who just begin BunnyHop)
  • "!normal" gives you the normal gravity
  • "!bhop" opens a menu where all the commands can be used directly
  • "!bhophelp" opens an help menu about the commands
  • "!autobhop" enable/disable the auto bunny on the player
  • And of course, dead players cannot take scout or save a checkpoint or take a lower gavity

  • sm_bhop_enabled - If set to 1, this plugin will be activated (1: enable, 0: disable)
  • sm_bhop_noblock - If enabled, this will set your server in noblock (1: enable, 0: disable)
  • sm_bhop_landslowdown - If enabled, this will remove slowdown caused by landing from a jump (1: enable, 0: disable)
  • sm_bhop_damageslowdown - If enabled, this will remove slowdown caused by damage (1: enable, 0: disable)
  • sm_bhop_autobhop - If enabled, Auto Bunny will be activated on the server (1: enable, 0: disable)
  • sm_bhop_msg_show - If enabled, the plugin will show a message on connection/deconnection of players (1: enable, 0: disable)
  • sm_bhop_gravity - If enabled, low gravity will be allowed on the server. If not, you cannot use !lowgrav and !normal (1: enable, 0: disable)
  • sm_bhop_gravity_value - Set the multiplier of gravity you want with lowgrav
  • sm_bhop_max_scout - Set the number of scouts a player can receive per rounds (default: 2)
  • sm_version_bhop - Version of Bhop's plugin



Download Bhop and extract it in your cstrike folder.
Then restart your server, and configure bhop.plugin.cfg in "cfg/sourcemod"

Don't forget to install SDK Hooks 2.0


Version 1.2b:
- fixed the auto bunny, players are not blocked on ladders anymore and blocked in the water when jumping

Version 1.2a:
- fixed !bhop and !bhophelp, I created two menus for the same thing now juste one is created.
- fixed translations in !bhop menu, replacement of "%t" for "%T"
- added sm_bhop_gravity_value to set the value of gravity for lowgrav, 1 will be the normal gravity, 0.5 half gravity, etc...

Version 1.2:
- removed sm_bhop_easyhop
- added sm_bhop_landslowdown to remove slowdown caused by landing from a jump (Thanks to blodia)
- added sm_bhop_damageslowndown to remove slowdown caused by demage (Thanks to blodia)
- added sm_bhop_autobhop to enable/disable auto bunny on the server (Thanks to blodia)
- changed "!bhop" to "!bhophelp"
- now "!bhop" opens a menu where you can use all the commands directly

Version 1.1:
- Added cvar sm_bhop_enabled to activate the plugin
- Added cvar sm_bhop_gravity for servers which don't want !lowgrav
- Added ConVar Hook to modify the plugin with the cvars
- Now checkpoints are erased only if map change or players disconnect from the server

Version 1.0:
- Initial Release


  • Silvers for his help
  • blodia for the Easy Bunny and the Auto Bunny
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