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I cant get this working.Player model do not change.I can hear chicken sounds.

08:25:52 Listing 7 plugins:
[01] SourceMod (1.3.7-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
[02] Stripper (1.2.2) by BAILOPAN
[03] CSS Account Extenson (1.0.0) by Dr!fter
[04] BinTools (1.3.7-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
[05] CS:S Tools (1.3.7-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
[06] SDK Hooks (2.0.0) by Tsunami, psychonic
[07] SDK Tools (1.3.7-dev) by AlliedModders LLC

-No errors
-All models are dl:n
-I made sv_pure allows:
sound\smchicken\... allow_from_disk
materials\models\player\chicken\... allow_from_disk
models\player\chicken\... allow_from_disk

Can SourceMod dev be reason ?

Updated SM to 1.3.7 official and no effect.

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