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The plugin replaces the weapon survivors use when they become incapped. Default behaviour is to replace melee/chainsaw with a magnum.

sm_incapmagnum_version - Plugin Version.
sm_incapmagnum_mode - Mode for incapped weapon replacement. 0 disables plugin, 1 replaces melee with magnum, 2 replaces melee with dual pistols, 3 replaces pistols and melee with magnum, 4 replaces pistols and melee with dual pistols.

1.0 - 158 views
- Initial version
1.1 - 78 views
- Added check for melee so only melee users get pistol replaced
- Added cvar choice between dual pistols and magnum
- Fixed tanks dropping magnums on death
- Fixed pistols getting dropped on the ground when a player gets incapped
1.2 - 210 views
- Added modes 3 & 4 which replaces all secondary weapons with magnum or dual pistols while incapped
- Added team check on incap
1.3 - 340 views
- Added some misc. checks
- Attempted to fix civilian bug
- Fixed ledge hang bug

Place l4d2_incap_magnum.smx in sourcemod/plugins.
Delete old plugin.l4d2_incap_magnum.cfg in cfg/sourcemod.
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