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Poorly coded? I did the timers like that because I was trying to avoid putting as much code under actual timer as possible. For speed and efficiency, this way it uses its own color timer based on the cvar, instead of having checks under the timer itself and having cvar checks, and a bunch of "else if" or "switch" statements.

I dont know why youre crapping on my plugin, have you ever looked at your own coding in your plugins? heh..

I made the timer longer on purpose. Obviously it could be shorter if I wanted it shorter. I was even using OnGameFrame to begin with. I didnt want it so it just shows everyones names if you made quick mouse movements. I wanted it more slower so you had to focus crosshair on them slightly longer. I mean, duh, think about it, there must have been a reason I used 0.4 instead of 0.1..... Obviously I could easily make it 0.1 if I wanted to.

This was just a quick little plugin I did in about an hour for a guys request in the IRC chan.

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