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Originally Posted by Mike_BoG View Post
Apparently people can do !propmenu <path/to/prop.*> and turn into the prop, regardless of the propmenu is set to admin only.
To reiterate:

ph_propmenu -1 means no players can use the propmenu command
ph_propmenu 0 means players with the kick permission or the propmenu override can use the propmenu command. Giving a propmenu override of "" will allow all players to use it, so don't do that.
ph_propmenu 1 means all players can use the propmenu command

I just tested ph_propmenu 0 on my server with a propmenu override of "b". My test account had the "a" permission only. It didn't have access to !propmenu. My regular account had the "z" permission and did have access to !propmenu.

When I change my test accounts permission to "b" it has access to !propmenu.

After testing, I did check in a small change to the code, but that was just to add some optional parentheses for clarity.

To be honest, I may change it later to disallow specifying props on the actual command, since it allows you to use arbitrary props not used with Prop Hunt.
Am I back? Well, we'll see.

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