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0.8.3 released.

  • Fixed numerous small (and one potentially large) memory leaks.
  • Improved Steam_GetHTTPResponseBodyData.
    • Larger buffers than required can now be passed, this would previously cause an error.
    • If the passed buffer can accommodate it, the data will now have a null terminator added.
    • Both of these changes mean that:
      • For binary data, pass a buffer that is Steam_GetHTTPResponseBodySize() bytes.
      • For textual data, pass a buffer that is Steam_GetHTTPResponseBodySize() + 1 bytes.
  • Fixed SteamTools trying to parse invalid Steam tickets.
    • They will be dumped to a file instead, please send me any you accrue, working to re-add identification of no-steam clients would be interesting.
  • Fixed "Array index out of bounds" error in test plugin.

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