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If you're running the latest SMAC and no conflicting plugins, then any excuse which doesn't include "I loaded up a multihack/cheat" is almost certainly a lie. I'm leaving open the possibility of a false positive, but the circumstances leading to a false positive would have to be insanely unlikely. I cannot think of any situation that would lead to a false positive.

The cmdnums 189, 235, 1928, and 2087 produce the exact same seed. Cheats prefer this seed over the other ones because it's approximately dead center from the crosshair.

Cheats also abuse cmdnums in a manner more subtle, such as selecting seeds whose spread is in the general direction of the target, or by slightly reducing randomness and selecting seeds closer to the crosshair.

In many cases, this kind of tampering can be very subtle and hard to detect visually.

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