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I need help i just dont understand what im doing wrong...
Everything is installed right on the server and runes spawn.. I read the install info on setting this in amx_configs but just dont understand why its not working...

;a == Runes bounce
b == Update spawnvector file with new spawn points ( Dont disable unless you know what your doing )
c == Update spawn points based on player movment ( Dont disable unless you know what your doing )
d == Remove runes and round end
e == Public message saying what runes where spawned
f == Prevent runes from spawing to close to one another
;g == Automaticly spawn change the number of runes spawned, based on the amount of players on the server. With this option enabled: sv_runes becomes the minimaly spawned runes, with it off. It becomes the maximum spawned runes
h == Only 1 of every rune allowed 1 point in time
i == Spawn every rune(Thats not in use)
;j == DM based spawning ( This means runes are spawned based on time, not when round starts or ends )
k == Does extra checks on new rune spawnpoints, making sure its not to close to other spawn points
l == When looking at runes, show the rune name center of screen
;m == Clients automaticly drop old runes,when they walk on a new rune

sv_runes <20> (read about sv_runemodsettings with the +/- g setting )

I restart map and it still says 28runes spawned when i want a max of 20...


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