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Hello everyone.

I have made a CSS server with MetaMod, SourceMod and CSSDM installed. Most of the CSSDM plugin works fine but unfortunately the FFA mode can not work no matter what. I even tried a few older versions of SourceMod from the 1.9 version. By doing that, not only the FFA mode didn't work but the entire CSSDM plugin couldn't be loaded. I'm one step away from giving up.

OS: Windows 7 Home Basic x64
MetaMod: 1.11 - build 1144
SourceMod: 1.10 - build 6502
CSSDM: cssdm-2.1.6-git268-windows

Required settings according to CSSDM:
cssdm_ffa_enabled "1"
mp_friendlyfire 0
bot_quota 0
bot_quota_mode normal
bot_auto_vacate 0

I hope someone is able to assist me. Thanks in advance.
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