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            		"name"				"Shadow Shot"
            		"level"				"100"
            		"quality"				"10"
			"admin-flags"	"z"

            		"1"				"410 ; 50.0"
Trying to get the Enforcer to simply do 5000% damage from a disguised shot (instant-kill) to play around with solo in my offline local host server. I've checked all the obvious things I can think of.
Metamod is running, as my console "meta list" command exclaims.
Sourcemod is also running, as all my "sm" commands exclaim.
I've compiled the tf2items_manager.sp into a .smx via the spcomp.exe in the scripts folder, and placed said .smx into my plugins folder. My console confirms it has already been loaded when I am in-game. The code above is from my tf2items.weapons.cfg file.

I've done sourcemod-related installation stuff a long time ago for left 4 dead 1 and 2, but I'm at a complete loss on why this isn't working.

Can anyone point me to what I'm clearly missing?
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