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Old 10-25-2020 , 14:48   Daemon suddenly stops receiving from servers
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I'm doing some troubleshooting on windows and it seems the daemon just stops receiving or the servers stops sending to it on my local network. I have both linux and windows servers, however the daemon only runs on the windows machine.

I have to restart the tf2 server to get it to work again, unloading and reloading plugins, or turning log off or on doesn't work. So it seems to be some sort of set timer for how long it accepts inputs.

In the daemon window itself it just says - E400: Auto-disconnecting "Heavy Is GPS |" <P:1,U:2,W:1:1866507,T:Red> for idling (262 sec) on server (

Even though things are still happening on the server.

Anyone knows what this is? I haven't gotten the exact timing down, but once that happens, the server needs to be restarted in order for it to deliver more data
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