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I got my old gang from 20 years ago (!) to play us some CSGO and now we're having a blast almost every night when our kids go to sleep :-)

No idea how long it's going to last, but I couldn't help install HLstatsX! You know... bragging rights :-)

After going through hell with bad tutorials, missing information and unsupported software, OS, apps, scripts... I finally made it!

And most of it with help from other people on this forum. This place is a gold mine!

When I finally did everything correctly, and everything worked - the player profile page was the last thing I had to get working.

I don't know if you've helped the OP, but you for sure have helped me!

Just want you to know that I made an account on Allied Mods just so I can post a thank you note here.

Thank you andrepires68!
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