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Old 06-30-2018 , 07:51   Sourceban Php 7.2 compatibility
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Hey is this latest version (Version 1.4.11) compatible with php 7.2 ?
Coz on github page, it is switched to mysqli for php5.5 support
So does it support php7.2 ?

Version 1.4.11
* Added .7z, .bz2 and .gz as supported demo file types
* Added group overrides to admin_groups.cfg config backup
* Added small demo icon next to player name in banlist, if there is a demo attached to that ban
+ Updated French plugin translation
+ Updated libraries to ADOdb 5.18, Smarty 2.6.28 and TinyMCE 3.5.8
! Fixed "Player is not on the server anymore" error
! Fixed an SQL injection
! Fixed banning people twice in community group banning
! Fixed getting names of friends in friend banning
! Fixed possible SQL error when doing an advanced search while hiding inactive bans
! Fixed several XSS vulnerabilities concerning comments
! Fixed the accordion widget to fail on init randomly for some browsers
! Fixed trying to rehash invalid server, if admin has no server access at all
! Ignore checks if GetClientAuthString returns false
! Switched to mysqli for PHP 5.5 compatibility
? Optimized and updated IpToCountry.csv
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