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Originally Posted by xerox8521 View Post
You probably need to create the ability first with CreateEntityByName.
Those are the abilities used by the game:

- ability_tongue
- ability_selfdestruct // Boomer Exploding
- ability_vomit // Actual boomer vomit
- ability_lunge // Hunter Pounce
- ability_spit
- ability_leap // Jockey Leap
- ability_charge
- ability_throw

Once created you can set them with SetEntPropEnt(client, Prop_Send, "m_customAbility", ability);

Not sure if you need to set more but this should do.
Thanks, didn't seem to work from my test though (still can't charge with the charger claw weapon), here is what i tried:

PHP Code:
int wp_index GivePlayerItem(client"weapon_charger_claw");
if (
wp_index == -|| !IsValidEntity(wp_index))


int ability CreateEntityByName("ability_charge");
if (
ability != -1)

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