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Old 10-16-2020 , 11:38   [L4D2] Get Ghost Spawntime
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Hello all,

I'm new in Sourcemod Scripting so I'm sorry for this noob question.

I'm trying to get the ghost spawntime and excute some code if clients spawntime is under 4 seconds.

Here is my code:

PHP Code:
#include <sourcemod>

#define TEAM_INFECTED    3

public onPluginStart()

event_ghost_spawn_time(Handle:event, const String:name[], bool:dontBroadcast)
client GetClientOfUserId(GetEventInt(event,"userid"));
spawntime GetEventFloat(event,"spawntime");
    if (
IsHumanPlayer(client) && IsPlayerGhost && GetClientTeam(client) == && spawntime 4)
// DoSomeThing

But that isn't working. ;'(
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