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Thanks for the reply! I did roughly get how Netprops and Datamaps work (now I do a little better even, thanks to you).

That said, I seems like I really didn't have a thorough look at the datamaps dump back when I tested this. However I just tried setting different flags based on the ones that working self-thrown bumpmines have, as well as anything that somehow sounds like it could be related to being a condition that activates the mine... to no avail.

m_bIsLive seems to only be used for "regular" grenades and to not affect the bumpmines in any way. I tried setting the obvious properties (netprops and data) previously, with no luck.

I would obviously prefer to not need to keep track of offsets for this feature, but I'm also kind of lost at how to even have a go at that (if nothing else works). I'm also pretty tired of looking through the entity's properties for hours. Will probably give up for now but I'd be happy over any further ideas.
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