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Originally Posted by CNSR xiaodo View Post
Awesome plugins.I tried to use it on the xash server, and the console reported many such errors like No spawn function for info_player_team2. The player could not spawn normally, and could not spawn weapons on the map, and the player model would not be displayed.
Thanks for your report!

The original version of HL Zombie Panic uses info_player_team1 and info_player_team2 to spawn players, which are not registered in Counter-Strike, so I made an implementation that replacing these spawn points with info_player_start and info_player_deathmatch to make the mod compatible with original maps.
The current implementation uses FM_KeyValue hook to process unregistered entities KeyValueData and use it to spawn and process new entity which using info_target as base entity.

This problem is in api_custom_entities, for some reason, it doesn't support Xash servers, I'll try to figure it out when I have enough time, but for now, I don't even know what could be the reason, but I can assume that Xash handles KeyValueData in a different way.

Is ReGameDll compatible with Xash servers?

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