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Old 02-24-2009 , 10:42   Dropping support for unapproved plugins
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I'm tired of people throwing a temper tantrum when their plugin gets unapproved for whatever reason. What bothers me the most, however, is when people say something along the lines of "I'm no longer supporting this plugin since it has been unapproved."

This will not change our minds on its approval status. It just makes you look like a baby who is incapable of dealing with criticism. Even if it's the best plugin ever written or you get pages of people complaining that they want it to be approved and supported, if you do this, your attitude is unacceptable. From now on, if I see anyone make a post like this, their plugin thread will be trashed.

08/10/2009 EDIT: This also applies to people who post things like "I only wanted to post this for people who want to use it and don't care if it's atrociously coded/useless/etc." or other completely irrelevant points.

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