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Old 03-01-2020 , 10:38   Player Ban stuck in sqlite file?
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I have a player who was faulsly banned by an admin, and we have issues unbanning him.

We had a hacker on, with weird symbols, so our admin wanted to ban him, but there was another player on the server with weird symbols too, so both players were just squares on the admin menu.

The admin then banned the wrong player because there was a 50/50 chance of him finding the correct one. (Yes he could've written status in console and ban the ID).

Now the player that was wrongly banned, never appeared on Sourcebans. He's also only banned from that 1 server (We run multiple servers connected with the same sourcebans).

I managed to find his steam ID inside "listid", then i found his id and did "removeid", and then to update the list "writeid".

Now when i did this, the player could connect to the server, but as soon as map changes, he's banned again.

Asherkin on SM Discord pointed out to me, that SourceBans might overwrite the caching of this, which is good information, but it does not help me much.

I then went to my server terminal and searched my entire system for this players' steam ID.
In there i found that his steam ID could be found in 2 sqlite files from sourcebans.

I cannot open/read these sqlite files, and i don't know how to remove him from the list.
He never appeared on our Sourcebans dashboard, and his steamID cannot be found in the SQL database.

I'm currently stuck at this point, and i just want to grant this player his freedom once again.

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