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Originally Posted by ivailosp View Post
sm_cvar z_versus_smoker_limit
sm_cvar z_versus_boomer_limit
sm_cvar z_hunter_limit
sm_cvar z_gas_limit 2
sm_cvar z_max_player_zombies
sm_cvar survivor_limit
play with this cvars, some of then need a plugin to be able to chage the limit

sv_maxslots? max slots is set to 32 in my plugin - you need more?
i'd mean is use two parameters

add sv_maxslots can change scrds.exe maxslots and another sv_maxplayers change game max player

if i set

sv_maxslots 32
sv_maxplayers 20

then server only can join 20 players and 12 slots let Monster bot join.

sorry my bad english. and thanks agaian.
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