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PHP Code:
#include <SteamWorks>

// [... all your other code ...]
char sPublicIP[64];
int iPublicIP[4];
    if (
SteamWorks_GetPublicIP(iPublicIP)) {
Format(sPublicIPsizeof(sPublicIP), "%d.%d.%d.%d:%d"iPublicIP[0], iPublicIP[1], iPublicIP[2], iPublicIP[3], GetConVarInt(FindConVar("hostport")));
    } else {
LogError("Appears like we had an error on getting the Public IP address.");
// [... all your other code ...] 
Now, the string variable "sPublicIP" holds the data "", assuming that the Steam network sees the public IP as "", and the port is "27015".

PHP Code:
    Format(sPublicIPsizeof(sPublicIP), "%d.%d.%d.%d"iPublicIP[0], iPublicIP[1], iPublicIP[2], iPublicIP[3])); 
can eventually be used, if you don't like the port number to be a part of it.
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