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Originally Posted by asherkin View Post
Have you compiled and loaded the tf2items_manager plugin?
Havent compiled. But have the old plugin with me.

L 02/08/2021 - 10:57:50: [tf2items_manager.smx] Reloading items list

If needed to compile, how do I compile. Tried compiling it (ran, got this "Exception: Could not find a valid path for MMSOURCE19"... Im on linux.

Edit: Was able to solve mmsource19 issue. Now i get this: Exception: Could not determine repository version
Edit2: I gave a random version (3,3) and compiled it. Got the smx file, using the same. Still not able to see the changes.
Edit3: Just had to validate game files (had messed with the official item schema) and restart the server

Thanks for making this.

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