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Originally Posted by epzminion View Post
This is not a Sourcemod plugin. It won't appear in your "sm plugins list". Type plugin_print in console as Spirit_12 mentioned, and it will appear in that list if loaded:
Loaded plugins:
0:      "Metamod:Source 1.10.7-dev"
1:      "Tickrate_Enabler 1.4, ProdigySim"
If it is loaded correctly and you're still not exceeding 30 fps, then check the cvars Spirit_12 mentioned. Also check the value of fps_max. I think it defaults to 30.
plugins_print wasn't doing anything so I could only assume that it was related to the sm plugin list. fps_max changing works just fine, however the updaterate and cmdrate changes, despite saying they were changed server side, do nothing. I can see now, that it was a typo, and that "plugin_print" is the correct console command. The only thing that shows up for me is metamod source. The same result happens on a PC that I have direct access to, to confirm the dll is installed. It just behaves as if the tickrate enabler is not there at all. Does the version of metamod source installed have anything to do with it?

For reference, I tried the exact settings listed in the post. and also with sm_cvar in front of them. also tried -tickrate 60 in the command line with matching cfg settings. The vdf and dll are in the addons folder like stated. I could have missed a crucial step, but I don't see it.
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