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Old 07-26-2019 , 11:36   Re: [RELEASE] SourceBans++ (v1.6.3) [Updated: 2018-04-06]

This week I noticed that my Sourcebans is not working as it should.

I added a ban beginning of this week and it didn't show up on the sourcebans page.
Now I added a mute and it didn't appear either.

The ban and mute was given on different servers. When I added the mute I got this in logs:
Saving punishment for STEAM_0:XXX into queue
Lost connection to DB. Reconnect after delay
Query_AddBlockInsert failed: Subquery returns more than 1 row

All servers recognize admins and you can use commands.
Servers are also preventing banned users from connecting. Something is now wrong with the sql as it tries to write. I can manually add mutes and bans via webpage
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