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Originally Posted by FAQ
Q1: Can I have per-map configuration?
A1: Yes. First, look at AMX Mod X's Per-Map Config Setup. All you have to is make a custom map file that executes csdm_reload. csdm_reload will load a CSDM config file if it's somewhere in the configs dir. For example:

csdm_reload "csdm\extraconfigs\itemstuff.cfg"

Note that these "extra" config files can be simple. You only need to include what's different from the master csdm.cfg file.
First You need to check how AMX X works with per-map configuartion.

Originally Posted by AMX MOD X HELP
For each map, you can also add a configuration file that will execute when the map loads. This is useful to set certain settings for 3rd party maps, say, removing the freeze time on fy_iceworld.

To do this, simply create a folder in addons\amxmodx\configs called "maps" and place a .cfg file named after the map with the settings in it, for example, you might have addons\amxmodx\configs\maps\fy_iceworld.cfg:
mp_startmoney 16000
mp_freezetime 0
mp_timelimit 20
After concatenating the info from these 2 docs You know this:
1. You need to create a folder called "maps" in addons\amxmodx\configs\
2. You need to create the file for Your specyfic map - for example cs_india.cfg and place it in the folder created as above (in point 1).
3. In that file You should write
csdm_reload "csdm\extraconfigs\items_cs_india.cfg"
4. You need to create the file items_cs_india.cfg and place it in addons\amxmodx\configs\csdm\extraconfigs folder.
5. The file items_cs_india.cfg should contain only the differences to Your csdm.cfg with all differenties You need especially for cs_india map. In Your case You wanted awp only (so I consider no nades, no pistols and no armor) - it should look so:

Originally Posted by items_cs_india.cfg

;Equip Menu flags:
; p - primary
; s - secondary
; a - armor
; g - grenade
; b - buy
menus = p

;Autoitem flags:
; a - armor
; h - helmet
; g - grenades
; d - defusekit (CTs only!)
; n - nightvision
autoitems =

;Grenade flags:
; f - flashbang
; h - he grenade
; s - smoke grenade
grenades =

;Sets number of flashbangs given if
; grenades are enabled
fnadesnum = 0


;Format for weapon menus is:
;shortname "Display Name" menupage
;Change the '1' to a '0' to block the weapon
;Removing or moving things
; from the list will change the order of the menus!

usp USP 0
glock18 Glock 0
deagle Deagle 0
p228 P228 0
elite Elite 0
fiveseven "Five Seven" 0

m4a1 M4A1 0
ak47 AK47 0
aug AUG 0
sg552 SG552 0
galil Galil 0
famas Famas 0
scout Scout 0
awp AWP 1
sg550 SG550 0
m249 M249 0
g3sg1 G3SG1 0
ump45 "UMP 45" 0
mp5navy "MP5 Navy" 0
m3 M3 0
xm1014 XM1014 0
tmp TMP 0
mac10 "Mac 10" 0
p90 P90 0

;List weapons here the bots can randomly have
;The short name must match one in the list above

Note - I haven't tryied that - I just believe in this what is written in docs. If it doesn't work - only BAILOPAN can help You with this. And stop spamming other topics to bring up attention of the people at Your problem. I believe You know what I mean with spamming other topic.
If it works I can ask BAILOPAN to make this topic as sticky.
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