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Old 01-30-2017 , 20:29   Beware of anything that Frans1sco does, and I recommend you do not purchase anything.
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So I'm looking for a line of code, to fix the

PHP Code:
no matching material name found on model models/weapons/w_knife_default_ct.mdl 
I read around on UnKnownCheats and AM that setting the WorldIndex to the mdl was the answer.

I contacted Frans1sco to ask about the "Price" for that line of code, and he failed to comply.
Labeled me a "scammer" due to the fact he wants the $$$ for himself.

You can see he did not respond until I threatened to go to someone else with the source. Copy Pasterino code makes $$$ nowadays :shrug:

Enjoy the joke of himself

If anyone knows the true solution to the fix, or has his Source Code for his "Private Version", let me know and I can slip a few $'s into your paypal, Thanks.
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