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Evil Admin
A series of related plugins that admins can add or remove depending on what they need on their server. These commands are based on the old AMX commands. Most work on most mods, others are tailored for certain mods such as TF2.

Evil Admin Collection:
Evil Admin: Rocket
Evil Admin: Low Health
Evil Admin: Pimp Slap
Evil Admin: Vision
Evil Admin: Trails (TF2 only)
Evil Admin: Mirror Damage
Evil Admin: Fart

Evil Admin: Pimp Slap
Players are smacked around the map, with 2hp damage every time until they die.

  • Copy sm_evilpimpslap.smx file to addons/sourcemod/plugins folder
sm_evilpimpslap <name|#userid>
Pimp slaps a player to death.

sm_evilpimpslap_dmg 5
default 2
The amount of damage with each slap

Fixed menu issue where it didn't go back to a previous menu

Fixed a bug with common phrases
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