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Oh ok... But i think its enough with "This command is useless" becouse some noobs on my server was like "WTF OMG HALF MY XP IS GONE OMGGG ADMIIIN"
Where can i change in the .sma or the .inc to delete the "xp goes away" thingy?
And about the podbots.. If u say it ran 1 week without crashing then it must be some hero i put in... Or the podbots..
It might be due to the monstermod i used becouse it acted all wierd and buggish... Where do i get the working Monster Mod version? Since botmans site is down and the one on funwc3 is only beta.
Also.. Do u recommend running with Metamod or Metamod-P ? Some people say Metamod-P Is much better

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