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Olly, I have spoke to you on this already but could not remember where I posted. Server2 is showing lan ip. As you can see from the below quote the wan ip is shown and also the lan ip that is behind the router. You had suggested I had to add the +ip in the command line. As it turns out that is not possible due to the router, I would keep getting this error: counldnt allocate dedicated server udp port. Yes I did try using different udp ports. The only way I see to bind to the wan address is to remove the router. My question is it possible to add to the config file a setting to input the wan ip to use and have that write to the sql file instead of querying for the ip?

win server
You did type one of the IP's that has been given to you right?


or W/e?

Originally Posted by janpepu View Post
How can add to sourceban players who s banned in banned_user.cfg? (1800 ban)

Do people have an inability to read anything above the previous post?
Originally Posted by Olly
Originally Posted by Kramerika View Post
I'm sorry if this was asked before, but is there a way that you can import the bans from a banned_user.cfg file? Does this update the banned_user.cfg files across all of the servers when a ban is made on any server or through the web admin?
This feature will be added when the main system is more stable.
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