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Originally launched in 2006, relaunched in 2015!

Free level 16 - 1600hp, Max level 60 - 3200hp.
94 stable heroes.

Quality of Life Improvements:
Custom Anubis - Displays SH damage, as well as gun damage
True HP/AP Monitor - combined with Anubis, very easy for players to understand & follow the action
Cooldown System - Dynamically displays keydown hero cooldowns

Patched & Reworked Heroes:
Human Torch - flames shoot much farther
Aquaman - shoots farther & works out of water (actually useful now)
Storm - actually works
Marduk - Changed to Quicksilver, Freeze Time, actually works
Longshot - actually works
Ken Masters Shoryuken - completely reworked
Tracker - actually works
Black Archer - actually works
Protoman - actually works
Numerous other tweaks & bugfixes

Gametracker in sig:

Thank you for playing.

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