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Hello, as you might tell from the title i need help with making some heroes have special flag(ex. Grim reaper can be used only with flag "n") the heroes i want to make flag heroes are Grim Reaper, Ice Man and Slayer.
I have been searching for a while now and sh_adminrestrict/sh_restricter both don't work for me.. i know how to use them but it just wont work..
The next thing i found is that i can add the "Uncle Sam" "Only Admin" code to the .sma file of my hero, the problem is i have 0.00% knowledge about scripting.. i want to learn it but i just can't it's just WAAAY confusing for me.
So can you tell me any way i can do this,

My admin_restrict.ini which is in my cstrike/addon/amxmodx/config/shero
;This file is used to tell sh_adminrestrict which heros are restricted to specific user flags, i.e. admin/vip
;it should be located in the configs/shero/ directory

;Basic format is as follows
;<heroname1> <heroname2>        heros which are restricted by the specified flags
;<heroname3> ...            can also seperate by newline not just space if need be

;you can create more than 1 group for a specific set of flags i.e. you can set differant levels of admin restricted heros (vip, lower admin, higher admin, etc)
;though if you want a particular hero to be used by 2 or more groups, do not list the hero in both groups as that will glitch the plugin, instead create a 
;new group with both sets of flags(i.e. say one group is restricted to flag t and another to b then set the new one to bt)
;keep in mind that hero's which are more than 1 word long should be put in between "" so plugin doesn't assume otherwise
;Example usage:

;Anubis Bass Beast "Black Panther"
;Bazooka BombSquad

;"Captain America" 
;"Crimson Chin"

"Grim Reaper"
"Ice Man"
So if anybody can help me i would be grateful because i've been trying to get this to work for 3 days and i failed..
Oh and sorry if the title is confusing i really don't know how to name it.
Thanks for reading!
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