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Originally Posted by LearninG View Post
Zombie Plague:

For adding vips , admins :

there are no actually named privileges , ( VIP , SuperVIP , Admin ) they are just some special flags you can add to each player.
Access Flag	Purpose
a	immunity (can't be kicked/baned/slayed/slaped and affected by other commmands)
b	reservation (can join on reserved slots)
c	amx_kick command
d	amx_ban and amx_unban commands
e	amx_slay and amx_slap commands
f	amx_map command
g	amx_cvar command (not all cvars will be available)
h	amx_cfg command
i	amx_chat and other chat commands
j	amx_vote and other vote commands
k	access to sv_password cvar (by amx_cvar command)
l	access to amx_rcon command and rcon_password cvar (by amx_cvar command)
m	custom level A (for additional plugins)
n	custom level B
o	custom level C
p	custom level D
q	custom level E
r	custom level F
s	custom level G
t	custom level H
u	menu access
z	user (no admin)

I downloaded the same 'Zombie Plague' mode you sent here but did not work, it was working perfectly in my local.

About adding privileges, I know it, but is there another easier way?
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