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Show Team-Attacks Plugin
  • - Shows all instances of friendly fire to admins (from both teams) along with information such as damage amount and the weapon, so that admins may be able to more efficiently decide between cases of misfire and intentional friendly fire.

Example: "(Terrorist) n!nja attacked teammate Jim with a Glock for 18 damage"

Note: This prints a message every time a bullet hits the player, so an admin can tell who shot first, and who he shot, and how much damage, and etc.

Why create this plugin? Why should I use it?
  • Let's say you're the only admin in the server, and some guy accuses a person on the other team of attacking him, and it's usually his word against the other guy's. With this plugin, you can see the initial mistake of knife attack (5 dmg) and then the shot of the M4A1 (30 dmg) and then the spray of the machine gun (108 total dmg) until the death of the initial victim.

    Basically, this plugin attempts to clear up any arguments between misfiring and intentional team-attacking.

(ta stands for teamattack)
  • - ta_toggle: toggles the plugin itself, basically. I created it because it's easier to label a cvar than to comment out a line in plugins.ini. Also added the option to send the team-attack messages to all players.
    • Usage: (0 - off, 1 - messages go to admins only, 2 - messages go to everyone)
    - ta_weapon: toggles the option to print the weapon used in friendly fire. I created it in case an admin wants a simpler message.
    • Usage: (0 - off, 1 - prints weapon in message)
    - ta_damage: toggles the option to print the damage amount. I created it in case an admin wants a simpler message.
    • Usage: (0 - off, 1 - prints damage in message)

Required Modules:
  • Cstrike
  • Engine

Credits & Changelog:

/* *   Credits: "Standard Admin Color Chat" plugin by vandercal: *          Used the code for the SendMessage() function. * *          VEN & v3x: *          Aided me in blocking the default team attack *          message with the register_message() function. * * *   Changelog: * *      - v1.2: Fixed damage message * *      - v1.1: Removed default team attack message *            Added same team attack message for all teams *            Added cvar to turn on/off plugin * *      - v1.0: Initial program * */

  • 1) In your plugins.ini file, add the line: showteamattack.amxx
    (doesn't matter where, but for organizational purposes it should be under the Custom section)

    2) In your plugins folder, add the file: showteamattack.amxx

    3) On the next map change, the plugin should be loaded and working.

- Tested and working on AMX v1.60. Should work on versions later than 1.60, but I won't be offering assistance for versions earlier than 1.60.

- Please submit any bugs or requests of change in the plugin via this thread.
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