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string inc
 * Tests whether a string is found inside another string.
 * @param str			String to search in.
 * @param substr		Substring to find inside the original string.
 * @param caseSensitive	If true (default), search is case sensitive.
 *						If false, search is case insensitive.
 * @return				-1 on failure (no match found). Any other value
 *						indicates a position in the string where the match starts.
native StrContains(const String:str[], const String:substr[], bool:caseSensitive=true);
Originally Posted by Dr. Greg House View Post
It never did in SP.
I think it is true for some other languages/frameworks though (C#, Java?).
Position is >0 so its probably true in bool anyway

but I still have the problem
#include <sourcemod>
#include <string>

public Plugin myinfo =
	name = "test",
	author = "test",
	description = "My first plugin ever",
	version = "1.0",
	url = ""

public void OnPluginStart()
	PrintToServer("Nick checker enabled!");

public onClientConnected(client){
	char clientName[32];
	GetClientName(client, clientName, 32);
	if(StrContains(clientName, "test", false) != -1){
		PrintToServer("%s don't have test", clientName);
		PrintToServer("%s have test", clientName);
i dont have any text in console

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