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Originally Posted by trannygranny View Post
When I submit this, I get this peculiar error:
Fatal error: mysqli error: [2005: Unknown MySQL server host 'root' (2)] in CONNECT(root, '****', '****', [email protected]***.**.***.**:3306/sourcebans) in /usr/share/nginx/html/sourcebans/includes/adodb/ on line 77
This error means that you entered "root" as "Server Hostname", and that it obviously don't where "root" is supposed to point to.

Enter the IP address (or hostname) of the server providing the SQL service in that hostname.

Ask the hosting provider, providing you with the SQL server for that information. If you are having a SQL server on the same machine as your game servers (and/or SourceBans web panel), as your text indicates, you could try "" or "localhost" (both pointing to the machine where the traffic originates from).
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