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Originally Posted by eyal282 View Post

This stock and alternatives need to disappear out of existence.
#define KARYUU_LOOP_CLIENTS(%1) for (int %1 = 0; %1 <= MaxClients; %1++) if (Karyuu_IsValidClient(%1))

#define KARYUU_LOOP_CLIENTS(%1) for (int %1 = 0; %1 < 999; %1++) if (Karyuu_IsValidClient(%1))
Only the second stock requires IsValidClient, because it leaks outside MaxClients

Note that I think MAXPLAYERS is a wrote method to loop.
I'm going to modify it. Thank you!

Originally Posted by Drixevel View Post
I think that having a library up that has useful stocks is awesome except I don't think people will use this repository often because everything has your username as a prefix.
We can change that, but I wanted to create the stocks to not to conflict with anything else. If you have any idea to change the prefixes to, I appreciate it and change ot of course! Thank you for the feedback!

Also I appreciate any Pull Requests, if you guys want to modify anything. ❤️
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