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I have been working with this as much as I possible can. It is not very much, since my family needs attention and I am busy at my day work. I have trashed some of the implemented features and rebuilt them differently.

Currently the changes from original version (v1.1.1) are:
  • Friendlyfire hits on bots reduce player points.
  • Friendlyfire Cooldown modes: 0 = Disabled, 1 = Player specific, 2 = General.
  • If only I could remember... was there something else?
Implemented features for Versus game mode...

  • Awards: Incapacitated a survivor, Killed a survivor.
  • Points: Damage survivors (Tank has a damage divider).
  • Points from Versus game mode are stored in to different database fields, so comparison and rank can be done game mode dependent.
  • Awards: Nice Pounce (dmg>=15), Perfect Pounce (dmg>=25).
  • Statistics: Average and total pounce damage.
  • Awards: Perfect Blindness (blinded survivors>=4).
  • Points: Blind a survivor.
  • Statistics: Average and total blinded survivors.
  • Awards: Bulldozer (dmg>=5000).
  • Points: Hit a survivor with a rock.

Minimum ToDo-list:
  • Smoker pull-over-ledge and pull-to-death detection and awarding.
  • More statistics for Smoker?
  • Tank punch-to-death detection and awarding.
  • Tank incapacitate-or-kill-all-survivors detection and awarding.
  • Point balancing for both teams.

Maybe ToDo-list:
  • Hunter pounce-over-ledge detection and awarding.
  • Boomer explosion-over-ledge detection and awarding.

Of course the ToDo-lists can change, but these are the ones I could think of while writing this post

I have problems getting things tested and that is one reason things are slow. I have a server which I am running all the current Alpha versions from the plugin, but I don't have that many L4D friends that could inhabit the server every now and then. Sometimes the server is playing Coop or Survival game modes for a day straight. I do a lot of modifications to the plugin and the database, let it run for a day and then check what kind of data has been generated. That kind of process is slow, but I'll push through. Once all the current features are somewhat working, I'll post a beta and you can make more suggestions, bug reports and other observations.

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