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What does it do?

Have you noticed that your friends don't seem to have massive blue name plates above their heads? Isn't it annoying when survivors can just see through a boomer's vomit?

This plug-in has the answer. Blind Luck allows server administrators to temporarily remove part of a player's HUD to help simulate blindness. The majority of the HUD is removed except for weapon selection, the cross hair and chat area. While a survivor is blinded the health bars and name plates of other players are unavailable.

How do I use it?

Simply upload it and enjoy. Currently there are no in game commands although the mod is configurable through two ConVars. You can either choose to hide the HUD until the player is completely free of the vomit
, or only hide it for a specified time:-
  • bl_hide_until_dry: If true the mod will hide a player's UI until they are completely free of vomit.
  • bl_time: The amount of time to blind a player for if bl_hide_until_dry is false. Has no effect if bl_hide_until_dry is true.
  • bl_hud_to_apply: The bitmask to provide to hide_hud command. You can use this to hide whatever you like.
Sounds great! But is there anything wrong with it?

Not any more!
Thanks to olj and doku, we have worked out away to hide the HUD without spoofing sv_cheats. The new version has none of the limitations of the old one.

Last, but by no means least, The all knowing change log

* Version 1.0
*         - Initial release.
* Version 1.0.1
*         - Now works with sv_cheats off (thanks TESLA-X4 for the idea).
* Version 1.0.2
*         - Fixed the two ConVars so they no longer cause error messages in client consoles when connecting.
*         - Corrected some spelling mistakes in the comments that were bugging me.
* Version 1.0.3
*         - Fixed ArrayOutOfBounds error.
*         - Seperated Blind Luck configuation into cfg/sourcemod/plugin.blindluck
* Version 1.1.0
*         - No longer requires the spoofing of sv_cheats. This gets rid of the client messages.
*         - Added ConVar 'bl_hud_to_apply' to allow administrators to decide which parts of the HUD to hide.
*         - Event 'player_no_longer_it' is now unhooked when it is not needed. 
*         - Added minimum and maximum values to 'bl_blind_time'. The maximum time is 25 seconds with the minimum being 5 seconds.
*         - Now compiles without indentation warnings.
* Version 1.1.1
*         - Fixed error message being logged whenrestoring the HUD on some entities.
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