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Updated to version 1.2:
  • For TF2: sets the players max health to the specified amount (shouldn't decrease), only if the new max health exceeds the class' default max health. Otherwise it just changes their current health to the specified amount
Not tested on a TF2 server yet, so if I can get a confirmation that this is working correctly that'd be great. The only problem I have with it is it doesn't take a pyro equipped with a backburner into account, but I'll fix that when I have more time.

Originally Posted by CaffeinePowered View Post
Hm, I wonder if this could be modified to roll back the +50 health on pyros from the back burner...
I'll make a cvar in the next version that will do just that.

Originally Posted by Lebson506th View Post
This would be cooler if it was like Mani's that could

1) Target players using regex.

ie sm_sethealth "Apple" 2

Would set RedApple, Apple Cider, and Applerleorler's health to 2

2) When health is set to 0, make the target explode.
I find that option 1 would be rather annoying, but I'll see if I can make an extra command to do what you're asking (if I can find out how).

Option 2, on the other hand, sounds incredibly awesome. Expect that in the next release.
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