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[Any] Sight Jacker
Version 1.5

Lets you spectate a player (in a fashion) without joining the spectator team.
Video Demo Watch with annotations turned on!

Please read the notes section!
sm_sightjack <target> <slot> - Parents your view to that of <target>'s weapon.
<slot> should be a number of a weapon slot. In TF2 try 1 to 3 until it works correctly.

sm_unjack - Returns your view to normal.
sm_tauntjack <time> - (TF2 Only!) "stuns" you for X seconds which changes your view to third-person view on the sightjack.

Install Instructions:
  1. Place SightJack.smx OR TF2_SightJack.smx into your addons/sourcemod/plugins/ folder.
This plugin is rather rudimentary, if you know a better way to do this, please let me know!

This plugin works by setting your view to the perspective of one of your target's weapons, and therefore looks rather hacky.
So don't go expecting this to be replacing team spectator anytime soon.

TF2 Version:
The TF2 version has an extra command that you can use to spectate a player in third-person view which actually doesn't look so terribad.
Please use the TF2 version with TF2 servers, and the regular version for all other games.

Also Note:
I have only done testing in TF2. The general version "should" work in any game, but please do some testing and report back.

  • Add first-person view mode if someone knows how it could be done.

Version History:
  • V1.5
    • Initial Release
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