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Originally Posted by dani1341 View Post
Well sorry for stupid question Where can I download it ?
PS:I'm a noob
You just viewed the page when I was uploading new version.
Originally Posted by marvel View Post
Maybe you can add medkits as well because I'm still facing that bug with superversus where only 6 or 8 from the 10 players get a medpack
Yes, it's on my TODO list.
Originally Posted by Oshroth View Post
Also if you need help with the code, I can help out a lot. My other plugins do similar things to what you are trying to do.
So tell me if you want any help, i'll be glad to help.
Your help will be appreciated, however I want to use this plugin to learn some things of the sourcepawn, if I get stuck I will ask you for the help! Thanks!
Originally Posted by Oshroth View Post
The important thing is that someone made it though.
Where? o0 I haven't found anything that could do same thing.
Originally Posted by Oshroth View Post
P.S. I once used the Pills Here plugin to give a gnome to each player for a plugin that I never released.
Nice idea, but does they achieved achievement?

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