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Left 4 Dead Achievement Notifier
by Fexii


Achievements can be frustrating to complete because many of them require you to finish the entire campaign before finding out whether or not you've succeeded. This plugin patches this by providing messages as soon as an infraction against achievement completion occurs.

Current Achievements Tracked
Play an entire campaign with no Survivors taking friendly fire damage.

All Survivors complete a campaign without being vomited on.

No Survivors take damage after contacting the rescue vehicle.

Place "achievementnotifier.smx" in your left4dead/addons/sourcemod/plugins folder.
Place "achievementnotifier.phrases.txt" in your left4dead/addons/sourcemod/translations folder.


The plugin is automatically enabled when the server starts a campaign mode map. Whenever an achievement is prevented, a message with details will appear to all players.

Saying "!achievements" during the game will show which achievements have been prevented and which are still attainable. This is disabled during versus mode.

sm_achievement_notify <0/1> - Toggles the plugin. Requires a map restart when changed.
sm_achievement_notify_connect_message <0/1> - Display a message when the user connects that tells them about the "!achievements" command.


Version 1.0
- Initial Release with Safety First, Stomach Upset, Untouchables
- Fixed repeated hooks when the round starts
- Now registers the command sm_achievements
- Fixed leftover debug code that caused chat to appear whenever a player is hurt


Please let me know about bugs in this thread. The achievements system is somewhat buggy to begin with, but I'll do my best to model this plugin after the actual achievement requirements based on feedback.

I plan to add more achievements over time, starting with the more frustrating ones first.

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