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No freaking way. Adding this to my server right away! Once finished can be viewed at

So I opened the .sp and attempted to put in my url on line
CreateConVar("klog_url","","Kill Log URL, example:",
Mine looks like this:
CreateConVar("klog_url","","Kill Log URL, example:
I do not know anything about coding and not sure if I put it in the right spot. I compiled the .sp on sourcemods webcompiler after entering in my website info into the .sp (edit: now the plugin isnt loading so I am thinking I did something wrong or I should have compiled it with some includes? I may be way off track?? I added the info to my databases.cfg and obviously created the database. I started my server and it said could not find database killlog. So I found the mysql scripts players and weapons in the sql folder and I imported them each into my database and it was successful. I also edited my database info in the include/config.php file just like I have done with other plugins like playerranks and tf2stats in the past.

What am I missing? Do you think you could add a step by step for this? I would like to get it activated right away so I may help you test it out.

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