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Old 07-28-2020 , 20:38   Unable to set roundtime or vote for maps
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I'm running sourcemod, and deathmatch advanced, and i can't seem to figure out how to set the roundtime, or vote for maps.

This is a ffa dm server.
Tried putting mp_timelimit 30 and mp_roundtime 30 in server.cfg and the games still start with 10 mins. i also tried putting mp_endmatch_votenextmap 1 in server.cfg and autoexec but the game just starts dust2 no matter what. i have 3 maps in my mapground and it never cycles any except dust2. I would appreciate any help on the matters.

I should note putting mp_roundtime 30 in the console works fine, but i want this process to be automatic. I looked arouind in the advanced deathmatch settings extensively and couldn't find anywhere to change the time either.
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