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Originally Posted by G0dFulL. View Post
Im having a problem using the Noscope round plugin for my awp server. Currently using 0netouchs plugin -
I cant really seem to find the solution. My problem is with the HUD. I tried to search but i cant seem to find another plugin better than this one sooo.
i tried using
(g_cvEnableText.BoolValue && g_cvInterval.IntValue > 0)CPrintToChat(client, "{green} NOSCOPE ROUND");PrintCenterTextAll("NOSCOPE ROUND");

instead of this
(g_cvEnableText.BoolValue && g_cvInterval.IntValue > 0)CPrintToChat(client, "{green} NOSCOPE ROUND");

But the HUD still wont show when the noscope round actually is.
If anybody can help me?
Try to use the compiled version in this link. If possible share the plugins and extensions + if there are any errors in the error log or console warnings.
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