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Old 06-23-2020 , 16:48   [CSGO][REQ] Problem with the Noscope Rounds
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Im having a problem using the Noscope round plugin for my awp server. Currently using 0netouchs plugin -
I cant really seem to find the solution. My problem is with the HUD. I tried to search but i cant seem to find another plugin better than this one sooo.
i tried using
(g_cvEnableText.BoolValue && g_cvInterval.IntValue > 0)CPrintToChat(client, "{green} NOSCOPE ROUND");PrintCenterTextAll("NOSCOPE ROUND");

instead of this
(g_cvEnableText.BoolValue && g_cvInterval.IntValue > 0)CPrintToChat(client, "{green} NOSCOPE ROUND");

But the HUD still wont show when the noscope round actually is.
If anybody can help me?

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