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Old 07-31-2019 , 12:06   [CSGO] If VIP join play sound by steam id
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I need help with a plugin. When a specific steam id is connected, a music plays. Each steam id has a different music

I used this but it didn't work:

#include <sourcemod>
#include <emitsoundany>

char sz_Auth[MAXPLAYERS + 1][32];

public void OnMapStart()
PrecacheSound("join_sounds/Sephiroth_Nightmares.mp3", true);

public void OnClientPostAdminCheck(int client)
GetClientAuthId(client, AuthId_Steam2, sz_Auth[client], sizeof(sz_Auth));
if(StrEqual(sz_Auth[client], "STEAM_0:0:61458413"))
PrintToChatAll("\x04%N\x01 ingreso al servidor", client);
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